Phil Spencer Wants To Prove To PC Owners They Are “As Committed As We Are To Consoles”

Posted on by Ryan

Speaking with, Xbox head Phil Spencer talked about expanding their Xbox Game Pass to PC owners. During the interview, he said that Microsoft want to prove to PC users they are as committed to PC as they are to their consoles. Stating:

“The next step for us is showing the PC player that we are as committed as we are on console [with Game Pass]. When we launched on console two years ago, there were some questions from the community on how it’s just old games and ‘I don’t know if I want to subscribe,’ which was fair. We saw the subscribers grow, and then we added our first party in, now we have a lot more third-parties that are premiering their games. It has become a really positive force in gaming, my opinion.

“So I think we have that same journey with the PC customer. The customer that doesn’t own an Xbox, doesn’t own a console — doesn’t want to, either – they want to play on PC. There’s a healthy amount of scepticism on whether we are really true to that customer. Or is this just another ploy for us to get them to buy an Xbox? Which it is not. So I think our next step, honestly, is to deliver on that promise of PC Game Pass.