Overwatch To Cut Down On Duplicate Loot Boxes

Posted on by Ryan


In the latest developer update, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan revealed that they will be trying to reduce the amount of duplicate loot boxes that you can receive in Overwatch. Stating..


We are going to make significant improvements to the loot box experience…One of the things that we’re going to do is drastically reduce the rate of duplicates that you’ll get out of any loot box. We think this will be immediately evident and extremely significant for all of our players and we think it’s going to feel fantastic.” Though to assuage any worry about money that generally comes from duplicate items, Kaplan states that Blizzard has taken that into account.

When asked how they were going to accomplish this goal, Kaplan said..

To compensate we’re going to increase the amount of credits you get out of loot boxes…We’ll make sure that your credit intake will be at least the same if not more when all of this is done…You have to keep in mind that the system doesn’t have infinite content so at some point you’re going to get duplicate items … but we think the changes should be very drastic and significant.”