Overwatch League Reportedly Wanted Broadcast Talent To Take Pay Cuts

Posted on by Ryan

In a new report by Richard Lewis on Dexerto, the Overwatch League wanted several broadcasting talent to take major paycuts for the upcoming 2020 season.

According to the report, a major breakdown took place after Nate Nanzer left the company since he was well known to take issues and needs up the corporate ladder of Blizzard.

In regards to pay cuts, an anonymous member of the broadcast talent says that Blizzard wanted the team to take a 30% pay cut despite the numbers for the League being higher than what their estimations were. The source even claimed that Nanzer himself was even out of the loop when it came to these demands until it was brought up by the talent. Stating:

“The demand to take a pay cut is nothing new. We came off the high of season one, where we were being told viewership was better than expected… We were expecting an increase, because we had far exceeded expectations. Instead, they followed that up by trying to cut all our pay by 30%.

“We found ourselves having to negotiate, and they were very firm on it. The talent then talked to Nate Nanzer, and he had no idea that was going on. After he was made aware, suddenly negotiations were more reasonable.

“When we realised how little some of the talent was being paid we actually agreed it would be better for some talent to forgo pay increases and instead make sure those on the lower end of the scale were properly compensated. With that, going into season two, most people had approximately a 5% pay increase, but it was hard fought.”

Another talent said that when they asked why they were being asked to take a pay cut, Blizzard told them it was due to them working less days. Saying:

“They told us that the pay cuts are justified, because there are less broadcast days and that the season is only going to be seven months this time. That makes no sense, because all contracts are negotiated for a season and then stretched over the year, so it’s easier for budgeting and income.”

At the time of publishing Malik Forté, Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonat, Erik ‘DoA’ Lonnquist, Chris Puckett, and Christopher ‘Montecristo’ Mykles have all left the Overwatch League broadcast team.