Original Super Mario Bros. World Record Broken

Posted on by Ryan


It’s crazy to believe that 2 world records for probably the most famous game in the world was broken in the same day. Not only was the Super Mario Bros. world record broken in the Any% All-Stars category, but someone also beat the world record for the original Super Mario Bros. game on the NES.

A player who goes by darbian broke the world record for Super Mario Bros under the any% category. Darbian did it with a time of 4 minutes 57 seconds 260 milliseconds. This beats the previous world record held by i_o_l and their time of 4 minutes 57 seconds 693 milliseconds. This is very ironic as i_o_l was also the person who set the world record for the Any% All-Stars category today.

We have posted darbian’s world record run down below for everyone to view…