No Man’s Sky ‘Foundation Update’ Announced

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The “Foundation Update” has been released! Read More

After weeks of silence, Hello Games has announced an unexpected new update for No Man’s Sky will be released this week, known as the “Foundation Update.”  As many of you probably remember, No Man’s Sky has been surrounded by controversy since shortly before it’s launch, so much controversy in fact that Steam and the game’s developer are currently being investigated by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority which was launched in September.  The game quickly went from Most Anticipated Game of 2016 to one of the worst rated games on Steam in a matter of months, largely due to complaints surrounding bugs, graphics quality, and false promises of multiplayer support.

While the announcement from Hello Games today doesn’t state what exactly the Foundation Update does for the game aside from adding “the foundations of base building,” the post does seem to indicate that this update will be the first of many targeted at improving the game based on player feedback received since it’s launch in August.

You can read the full announcement from Hello Games below:


This week Hello Games will be releasing an update to No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it The Foundation Update, because we have added the foundations of base building, and also because this is putting in place a foundation for things to come.

Detailed patch notes will follow, and release will be soon.

Coming from five years of intense development, immediately after No Man’s Sky released the team spent six weeks updating the game with 7 patches across both platforms (the last of these was 1.09 on Sept 24th which you can read about them all here These fixed many of the most common or critical bugs and issues post-release.

In the nine weeks since then our small team has been hard at work on development, testing and certification for the Foundation Update. It won’t be our biggest update, but it is the start of something.

The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic. We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about.
Positive or negative feedback, you have been heard and that will truly help to make this a better game for everyone.

This update will be the first small step in a longer journey. We hope you can join us.

Thank you,
Hello Games

EDIT (4:00 PM CST 11/25/2016): This article has been updated to include additional details about the history of No Man’s Sky, and the controversy the game has faced since its launch, in order to provide background for our readers who are not familiar with the game’s history.

  • Jarrod Coolen

    i hope the bases arent just the same alien structures that liter every planet

    • Thomas Baker

      And that you will be able to flag the planet on the star chart so that you can actually find it again. However, given how the game is structured, I really don’t see what base building is going to add to this…..

      • Justin Brown

        Exactly nothing. That’s what. Custom ship building would be more useful than this.

        • MP

          I was thinking having a custom star base that can travel/warp to system you’re in when you want it/need it. Be a combo between base building and ship building.

          • Gaming Conviction

            That would be awesomesauce.

    • Zombiera

      I’m pretty sure “base building” is a metaphor for a base to start building from. An update to set up a foundation to build on top of. Not literally building bases within the game

      • Weirdly, literal base-building is actually one of the things that fans were asking for before everything went all Hindenburg surrounding the game (along with pilotable freighters, also close to the top of the list).

        And while it’s true that a lot of people don’t think things through before asking for, say, permanent structures in a game about space nomads with over 18 quintillion planets, resource-mining or ship-construction facilities could be a good thing if they were handled more like RTS games handle base-building concepts.

        Land planetside, construct your facility—which then becomes a waypoint—and then go exploring, do missions for NPCs (HINT, HINT, HELLO GAMES), and collect resources to feed your construction facility with.

        Even as a guy who likes the game, I still think one of the biggest design mistakes of No Man’s Sky is that it hands you almost everything practically for free, just for pointing and clicking on things.

        • Bryan Miller

          Base building was the one things this game didn’t need. Hello Games needs to focus on producing the content already promised to the players via Sean Murray, or make a statement detailing what will or will not be in this game within the next few years.

  • Justin Brown

    It’s cool they’re still working on it, but base building is kind of pointless if you ask me. The purpose of the game is exploration. Why build a base only to leave it thousands of lightyears behind? I feel like they could be spending their time working on something else that would actually be entertaining and serve a purpose rather than this. Shit, I’d enjoy custom ship building more than this.

    • Gaming Conviction

      I personally could see building a base as being beneficial for those who want to fully explore planets before moving on. But for those who just got to planets log enough for resources on the journey to the center, the it wouldn’t be useful at all. I tend to be the former, though not necessarily aiming for 100% exploration. -AN

      • Justin Brown

        Personally, I like to hop around planets. I get bored quickly just sitting on just one. There’s only so much variety on a single planet and only so much to see. There’s not enough diversity to keep me invested. I’ve got to keep moving to keep it interesting. That is sort of the point in a game with 18 quintillion planets though. Let me build ships and space freighters and I would get infinitely much more enjoyment out of it than a stationary base that I’m going to leave on the other side of the galaxy.

        • Leper

          Or the ability to make large MOBILE bases in the form of a capital-sized ship or something. One that you can fully customize.

          • Justin Brown

            I could get down for that. Stationary bases are kind of an ill thought out idea.

          • Gaming Conviction

            Ability for both would be nice. Particularly if you could use the stationary bases for additional storage, parking/owning multiple ships. Would be useful if you could teleport between them. -AN

          • Justin Brown

            Custom space stations would be nice for that too. Let me build a Deathstar and I’ll be a happy camper.

          • Steven J

            They almost had Deathstars in the game. Too bad those giant moon-like space stations that you see in every star system are mostly a hollow polygon shell. There’s nothing to explore inside.

          • Gaming Conviction


    • D. Lyrium

      They could add some kind super-wormhole device that sends you back to your base planet and then allows you to go back to where you were. Kinda like a town portal scroll in Diablo.

      I definitely agree we’d be better off with custom ships though. Or even just the ability to name your ship, so you could form some kind of attachment to it. Q_Q

      • Steven J

        Even Kingdom Hearts did a better job on exploring than NMS. 😛

  • Gareth Davies

    Has Sean Murray been kicked from the team?

    • Gaming Conviction

      He’s been awfully quiet, but no news on that yet. -AN

  • James Christian Meetze

    I’ll buy this game… 3-4 years from now. Yeah 2020 seems like a proper time to buy this game.

    • Gaming Conviction

      Might be finished by then. 😛 -AN

    • doge potion

      i’ll buy this game when it’s worth a dollar or less

      • Adrian Hill

        Lucky for you, it’s worth less than a dollar, however, retailers are still selling it for more than what it’s worth.

    • Kaminari Katuhstrofik

      Maybe if it’s on Steam for $.99

  • MP

    Pointless effort IMO. The image of the game has been tarnished. Unless they start selling this game dirt dirt cheap after the bad reviews that anyone with a internet connection seen a few dozen times no one will want to buy this game… and most of those who already have it, have moved on onto better games that didn’t out-right lie to them.

    • Gaming Conviction

      Agreed. This was one game I was looking forward to personally. I had so many friends that wanted to get together and go exploring as a group, but nope… no multiplayer. #ThanksSean

      • xSinCarax

        I played it an ejoyed itjust fine but I can see why others didnt

      • Carpe Vexillum

        He never said there was full on multiplayer, in fact he said there wasn’t going to be in the sense people wanted it. ( or at all as it really was) So you guys are just poor ignorant consumers who don’t do research. Actually thats true of a lot of gamers.

        • Ace

          Lol its funny how people tend to blame the consumer and not the “trusted” producer. Tell me would you be upset if you’re cheeseburger didn’t have cheese?

          • Andrew Wolff

            Also this game would be great for a multiplayer base or an easier way to find people, pirating, wars, helping each other get resources, the game has great potential for that so it’s stupid not to support it more

          • Allan

            You see, that’s a completely wrong analogy. The correct way to say it would be, they said you were getting a cheeseburger, but the cheese was inside the meat and not on top. Then you went on a rampage because you couldn’t see the cheese. They NEVER said the game was going to be multiplayer. They said it was going to have online features and it’s possible to see other people, but if you wanted to meet up with friends would be nearly impossible.

          • minidre1

            “Nearly”. He specifically said that if two people are in the same place, they will see each other. The “Nearly impossible” part comes from the fact that there’s 18 metric shit tons of systems, each with a dozen planets.
            Statistically, you’re unlikely to run into someone. If, however, you specifically go to a planet a friend is on, you would see each other.

            Now we cite multiple streams where two people went to the same exact spot, in the same exact system, at the same exact time, and neither could see each other.

            So you’re right, the analogy is wrong. It’s more like ordering a cheeseburger and getting a cheeseburger flavored tofu burger instead.

          • sk8rjason

            Actually he said “It’s not really a multiplayer game, that’s not really the way to think about it. There are infinitesimal chances, very, very small chances of you even coming across a place that another player has been to . . . The most likely thing that is going to happen is you are going to come across a planet and some other players has been there and they’ve named that planet and the creatures, and I’m sure they’ve given it a good name.”

          • Bryan Miller

            Murray only back-peddled and said it wasn’t multiplayer after telling his entire fan base on multiple occasions the exact opposite. Trying to claim he never said it is like trying to be Trump; IE being recorded as saying multiple outlandish things and simply deny having said any of it while watching the video of you saying these things.

          • Bryan Miller

            “They said it was going to have online features and it’s possible to see other people, but if you wanted to meet up with friends would be nearly impossible.”

            That’s called multiplayer. As in ANY INSTANCE where there is so much as a slim possibility that you are not the only player character on the planet you are currently on.

          • Ace


    • Irk

      You can’t invest as much as they did in this game and just give up…Unless you’re an idiot. Let them try, and we shall see what comes of it.

  • I’m Right You’re Wrong

    The problem with this game is that it’s just TOO big. Would you want to explore an area the size of the Caribbean, with only 30 people in it?

    • Gaming Conviction

      *1 person, and a crapton of the same 3 AI alien races.

      • Steven J

        Yeah, the MMO thing was a lie. It didn’t actually connect you with other players. They had lots of bugs with their networking engine and most of the time I ended up playing offline.

      • I’m Right You’re Wrong

        Exactly. There’s no variety or even point in playing. It’s like if dumped you in the middle of the amazon. Would you have fun playing and building there by yourself?

  • Honestly, even with spending 4 hours isolating the issue and patching my computer to run it… I loved this game. It was well worth the price.

    • Spent much longer than that getting my computer road-worthy and still considered it worth the journey. Immensely enjoyable and deserves some kind of award for “Most Screenshotable”. Hope Hello Games sticks with it.

      • Steven J

        Really? “Most Screenshotable” is far from what I would rate this game, and I put a solid 70 hours into this game. After finishing the Atlas quest line, talking for hours with aliens and getting to the point of knowing at least half of what everyone said, I saw how long it would take to get to the center of the galaxy and gave up. I finally found a decent looking green planet with lots of flora and fauna that wasn’t totally hostile, decided that’s where I wanted to live and I logged off the game and haven’t picked it up since. Hopefully I can come back to that planet and build a base there once the new update comes out. But this game is horribly grindy and monotonous. Once you’ve explored five or six planets, you’ve basically explored them all. The topology is the same, the flora and fauna are all named differently but are derived from the same set of about 15 different 3d models. The game is riddled with bugs, I can harvest mountains of gold for hours by simply walking 40 meters away from a mined gold pile and coming back. If you want a game that is the “Most Screenshotable”, try Shadow of Mordor, The Witness, or Assassin’s Creed. Heck, even World of Warcraft is more fun than this game and that one’s already been around for years. It would have been a great idea if I had paid twenty bucks for an incomplete game, but I paid sixty for a AAA title and it wasn’t even close to hitting the mark. Good luck trying to get a reputation back.

        • Firstname Lastname

          “AAA Title”…You’ve got to be kidding, right? Hello Games is by no means a AAA game company, its a small indie company with only a handful of developers that handle all the work. For what its worth, with what resources they have, I’d say they did better than expected.

          • Steven J

            I’m not kidding. They released it at the price of a AAA title. I preordered the game at 60 freaking dollars. The collector’s edition is still going for $60 at gamestop. They might be an indie developer, but if they sell it at AAA price, I expect a AAA game. Otherwise, sell it for $15 or $20. This is why they are under investigation in the UK, because they ripped off thousands of people by selling an overpriced game that didn’t have the features that were promised.

    • Gaming Conviction

      I sank a few hours in to the game, but for me it got very old very quick. When things went silent with HG, I quit playing thinking it was dead. Hopefully this update is the start of turning No Man’s Sky in to the game that many of us hoped it would be.

      • sk8rjason

        Maybe you should have made your own game instead of trashing this game because it didn’t end up being what you thought it should be.

        • Adam Rogers

          Yes, because the audience that the product is made for should have no criticisms of the product.


        • Bryan Miller

          Maybe you should stfu Sk8r.
          This game was advertised as having about 80% more content than what the game currently has. The “gameplay footage” Hello Games showed pre launch was all faked, and the players were point blank lied to about what would be in the game.
          The outrage over No Man’s Sky is that it has drastically less content in it than was advertised FOR LAUNCH, and no attempt was made to tell the players otherwise (outside of Sean Murray’s back-peddling on Multiplayer).

          Good on you though for liking a game with next to no content. Your life must be so exciting and wonderful that you can get so much enjoyment out of a “game” with next to no gameplay… Either that or you’re sitting there stoned going “Ooooh, colors!”.

  • Trever Palodichuk

    I give them kudos for trying to fix the game, but.. I feel like maybe it’s too little too late? Especially since most places are still selling it at the price of a full, new game. If they dropped it to around $20 then, I’d consider buying it and then waiting a couple years for it to be finished via patches to play it.. If it’s still even relevant by then. I feel like the reason it’s basically beating a dead horse is the same as why a lot of people wouldn’t care for a new Duke Nukem game: Too much hype went into the game as if it were the next big thing just to be a giant, unfinished atomic fart. If developers were at least honest enough to say that their product won’t be 100% finished by launch and will require several patches/updates to complete then nobody would be nearly as upset. They probably won’t want to pay $60 for it but for $20 they would at least appreciate it and buy it for what it is rather than be utterly disappointed and demand refunds because they were blatantly lied to. Granted, I hope that No Man’s Sky can be redeemed and turned into the game it was meant to be just like IF Gearbox makes another Duke Nukem game, it should be improved on as well. No Man’s Sky has the potential to be at least 85% as awesome as what people were promised and I’d like to see it happen. So, hopefully the developers play Dark Souls, learn how to Git Gud, and get this shit figured out.

  • Rorshach Sridhar

    Great article guys! Question- how does one became a writer for GamingConviction?

  • PresidentOfSpace

    I appreciate the article and information, but as far as Hello Games, i’m not believing anything until i see it put in place. Their words aren’t worth the little trouble it took reading their update until i see that they can actually deliver.

    • Gaming Conviction

      Well… the announcement wasn’t attributed directly to Sean Murray, so it might be true! 😛 -AN

    • Grand Moff Vixen

      You got a game, didn’t you? So shut up about this “snake oil salesman” BS that has pervaded the No Man’s Sky forums. Committing a fallacy doesn’t make you right.

      God damn are you idiots dense.

  • Camelslayer

    It’s nice that they’re trying to fix some things, but it’s simply too late. The damage is done, their reputation is ruined, and nobody wants No Man’s Sky.

    • Gaming Conviction

      Very true. It may be too late to salvage the game and the studio’s reputation, but if they don’t at least try to make it right things could go a lot worse for them.

      • Camelslayer

        Yeah, I know. They might as well do something, just people are extremely unforgiving with most any media these days. Mess up your first major title and you’re basically done.

  • Paul

    I’m wondering how base building is even possible given that if you leave a sector, nothing is saved in it and it reverts to default when you warp back to it. If we have learned anything from their PR it is to scrutinize and take very literally what they say, not what they imply. If they have indeed “added the foundation of base building”, then my guess is they have added persistence to sectors. All sectors? Likely not, as given the number of sectors that would very quickly eat a hard drive. Perhaps the ability to flag a home sector to be saved. But thats as far as I’m willing to speculate until I see in-game results on my screen, not their heavily customized trailers.

  • Ryan Rizzo

    “[I]mmediately after No Man’s Sky released the team spent six weeks updating the game with 7 patches across both platforms. These fixed many of the most common or critical bugs and issues post-release.”

    They make it sound like they were doing us a favor with these updates when all they did was fix some egregious stability issues that shouldn’t even have been there in the first place. The “game” itself has not changed at all since launch. This sounds like bullshit but I’ll try the game out again after this update because I know this game has potential if they added some content and gameplay and I spent 50USD on it.

  • Jordan Arcuri

    Just Play EVE Online.

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