Nintendo Shutting Down Nintendo DSi Shop

Posted on by Ryan


Sad news for those who are still gaming on the Nintendo DSi as the company have announced they will be shutting down the servers for the Dsi Shop on March 31, 2017.

Below is Nintendo’s full statement…

“Dear, Thank you very much for your continued support of our products.

This time, began service in November 2008, Nintendo DSi / DSi LL available at the shopping service, “Nintendo DSi shop (below, DSi Shop)” With regard to, stepwise end each service as follows: It became is asked.

In the future, we received your purchase Nintendo DSi Ware (below, DSi Ware) “moving from the Nintendo DSi / DSi LL to Nintendo 3DS series” that and re-download of, to use the functionality of the DSi shop also including, DSi we plan to the end of all of the services related to the shop.

In addition, due to the termination of service, unused “Nintendo DSi points (below, DSi points)”, and make the refund of the “Nintendo Points prepaid card (number) (※ 1)”. With regard such as in detail the procedure, determined soon, we will again inform.

In addition, DSi Ware is available at the Nintendo 3DS series in the “Nintendo e shop”, will continue to sell. (※ 2)

I am sorry to everyone you’re a DSi shop, but we ask that you please acknowledge it humbly. We thank you for your patronage over the long time.”