New Overwatch Team One.PoinT Created

Posted on by Ryan


A new organization have risen and are taking aim at the world of competitive Overwatch in the form of One.PoinT. This new team, which was announced early this morning, consists of some of the top free agents and up and coming talent in the scene. This roster consists of Tiago mowzassa Rodrigues, Alexandre “Phatt” Silva, Victor “Scaler” Godsk, Henrique “Horthic” Damião, Ben “Whatsgood” Goulding, Thomas “Brussenn” Brussen, and Frost.

While members Frost and Brussenn are new to fans, the other members have formerly worked on some of the best amateur and recognized Overwatch Contenders teams. These include Renegades, Mosaic Esports, Singularity Esports, and k1ck eSports Club.

It’s currently unknown when and where the team will debut.