New Features Added To Computer Repair Simulator, Alpha Signups Released

Posted on by Ryan


With the success of simulators like Car Mechanic Simulator and American Truck Simulator, it’s only fitting that a simulation game would be in development revolving around building and repairing computers. Indie Game developer Garrett Wademan is developing a game around that concept known as Computer Repair Simulator.

To get ready for the Alpha access signups, Wademan has added several new features for the game. This includes the following..

– Cleaned up graphics for the finances
– coded the gas / electric / water usage
– Added options for base fee to view scenario jobs (be careful don’t change your fee during a job too much or the BBB will sue you)
– Added more of a balance in finances so the game is a bit more competitive
– Added Mouse Sensitivity in options for mouse movement
– Added Failure Rate in options for the Random Scenario (you can control the percentage of failure), the more there are, the more money the job is worth.


Those interested in signing up for alpha access can do so here.