New Battlefield 1 Patch Released

Posted on by Ryan


DICE has released a new patch for Battlefield 1 and the changes are considered amazing, especially for those who play assault players. We first start by saying the biggest change is the addition of Spectator Mode with a “Free Mode” allowing players to freely fly through the map. Assault players will be happy to know that theTankGewehr has increased damage to vehicles from 120-150 to 160-180 along with a nerf of aim-assist.

You can view all the improvements down below..

  • Fixed an issue that caused a hang when pressing J/K/L on console keyboard
  • Added a new Framerate Limiter option that limits the maximum framerate the game will run at to a specific amount. Limiting your framerate to a lower number can help improve performance if you are experiencing high CPU usage
  • CPU optimization to improve high framerate operation on high end video cards where there is no VRAM pressure
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when loading levels
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash when dying in a vehicle
  • Fixed a server crash related to trip wires
  • Fixed an issue where outdated game clients could still connect to EA servers without receiving an error
  • PC: Forced v-sync to on during loading movies on PC to prevent screen tearing and stutters
  • PC: Fixed some issues that could lead to GPU hang on DX11
  • PC: Fixed ghosting issues
  • PC: Borderless full screen now works as intended
  • PC: Fixed an issue with full screen causing other windows to be resized and/or moved around
  • Xbox One: Fixed a rare VOIP related crash
  • Console: Tweaked dynamic resolution min cap scaling to improve GPU performance over loss of resolution