NBA 2K18 Bombarded With Negative Reviews On Steam

Posted on by Ryan


NBA 2K18 has finally been released and people have taken to Steam to bombard the game with overwhelmingly negative reviews. This is due to the amount of things that use Virtual Currency (VC) leading many to feel like it makes it a pay2win game. This ties into the complaint in MyCareer mode where VC is used to improve your stats and even to give your character a haircut.

You can view some of the reviews down below..

“DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. MyCareer experience is TERRIBLE. I played on pro (lowest setting) and I was bricking EVERY SHOT. Even in the practice, which is TO MAKE MY CHARACTER BETTER, therefore meaning I can’t even progress my character unless im playing 6+ hours a day. Bought $40 of vc, STILL bricking most of my shots. How do we get better character, if we can’t earn vc because we’re missing every shot? OH THATS RIGHT TO BUY ♥♥♥♥ING VC WITH $$$$$$”
“AAA price tag for a game that has more pay-to-win microtransactions than 99% of mobile games. They’re probably going to charge you VC to be able to skip cutscenes in an upcoming patch too.”
“NOT WORTH $60! MyGM sucks, too many cutscenes, and an annoying asain lady that wont shut up. Also, its pay-to-win and even something as simple as a haircut costs between 100 (for a clean-shaven face) and around 4000 vc. I’ve played almost 10 hours (95% on mycareer) and only improved my overall by 6. I’ve only spent around 1000vc on things other than attributes. Getting an 85 overall costs around 100000 vc which is worth $100 I think. Buy 2k17 if you acctually want to have a good time.”
“Controls are unintuative, everyone has bugg eyes, and literally evreything you do costs vc. Last year was awesome why do they have to change what works? Hope you like sitting through poorly written cutscenes and walking cuz thats what you got to look forward to.”