NAPCAN Asking Detroit: Become Human To Be Boycotted In Australia

Posted on by Ryan


The latest trailer for Detroit: Become Human caused a lot of controversy when it showed Todd choking his housekeeper by the neck and running upstairs to beat his daughter with a belt. This has now led to the  National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) to comment on the matter by calling it “very disturbing” and asking for Australian retailers to boycott the game.

Speaking with, NAPCAN deputy chief executive Leesa Waters said the following…

“Violence against women and children is not entertainment. From what I have seen in the trailer, this content is very disturbing.”

“The content of this game is so horrific that it is likely to cause trauma for anyone watching, let alone anyone who has experienced family violence.”

“We also call on stores to take a responsible stand with regard to games such as this reaching their shelves.”


When the news outlet reached out to Sony Australia for comment, they would not comment on whether the game glamorised and trivialised violence and domestic abuse. They did say that the game has still not been rated in the country.