MY.Games Store Now Offering 90/10 Revenue Split

Posted on by Ryan

Video game publisher MY.GAMES have announced they are now offering a 90/10 revenue split to game developers on the MY.GAMES Store. This means that 90% of revenue will go directly to the game developers while only 10% will go to the platform.

The new revenue split applies to all purchases that have been made via the developer’s own advertising campaigns. To qualify for the increased revenue, developers must first generate a trackable link through the “Developer Account” area on the MY.GAMES Store. The link can then be used in any advertising campaigns on platforms including Facebook, Google, streaming channels and blogs. Purchases that are then made using the link will automatically provide 90% of revenue to the developer. 

MY.GAMES Store alsooffers the standard 70/30 revenue split for earnings generated by the platform. This revenue is reinvested into new development of the platform and attracting new users through various activities.