Mushroom 11 Released

Posted on by Ryan


Untame have finally released their highly anticipated game Mushroom 11 today on PC, Linux, and Mac. The game is extremely hyped after willing Best Indie Game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Untame gave us this description of the game…

When humanity is gone, new life will rise – but in the strange world of Mushroom 11, destruction is the only way to grow. You are an amorphous fungal organism spared by the catastrophe that wiped out the human race. Shape your mushroom by pruning its cells. New cells immediately grow to replace the ones destroyed, allowing you to move and shape-shift through a mysterious world where the total annihilation of humanity has cleared the way for unexpected new life. In genre terms Mushroom 11 comes closest to a platformer, but this mold-breaking game is unlike any platformer you’ve played before!

Intriguing post-apocalyptic environments and a haunting original soundtrack by electronica supergroup The Future Sound of London set the scene as you puzzle your way through seven eerily beautiful levels. Use the power of destruction and regrowth to outsmart tricky obstacles, overwhelm bizarre creatures, and ultimately come to understand the true nature of the devastation from which you emerged.

The game is on sale this week for $13.49 on Steam. After that it will go up to $14.99.