MSI Builds CPU Guard

Posted on by Ryan


MSI has come up with a metal bracket for 1151 motherboards that they say will keep CPUs from bending underneath heatsinks.

This guard is simply titled “CPU Guard 1151” and is simply a metal bracket that installs around the socket area of Skylake compatible motherboards. This is basically a reinforcement for the CPU as there have been reports of PC builders who have experienced their CPU bending when having a heavy heatsink attached to it.

MSI said…

“Besides protecting your CPU, the CPU Guard 1151 is also the perfect tool for anyone looking to delid their 6th generation Intel processor. When re-applying the IHS, the design of the CPU Guard 1151 tightly locks the HIS ensuring it will stay in its place and you will never have to worry about optimal thermal performance or it moving.”

MSI has not released a release date or price for the guard at this time.