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Motor Town: Behind the Wheel 0.6.0 + 5 Patch Notes

P3 Games have released a new patch for their open-world driving game Motor Town: Behind the Wheel. This update adds 4K resolution, vehicle improvements, and several bug fixes.

4K Resolution!Resolution and Windowed mode option is added, with 4K support (Thanks to keksman)

If you have trouble launching the game after changing options, please delete the following file to reset.


  • [X-mas] Santa character body is added (You can change character body from Main Menu -> Character -> Edit -> Body (Last one))
  • [Localization] Hungarian is added (Thanks to WonderTomee™)
  • [Optimize] Frame drops at Cupa warehouse is fixed (Thanks to hshenry)
  • [Map UI] Home icon now has higher Z-order than own vehicle
  • [Sound] Semi and Cheetah MK1’s horn sound is changed. All vehicle’s hone sound now has fade in/out
  • [Vehicle] Schoolbus’s engine is changed from 190HP to 230HP (Thanks to ss1)
  • [Vehicle] Trailer landing gear’s ground clearance is improved (Thanks to xmilek)
  • [Vehicle] Cheetah MK1’s right side mirror is now attached to the door (Thanks to FIRAT155)
  • [Vehicle] Buses’ chase view camera location is changed for a better view
  • [Resident] AI passenger at the Cupa’s entrance is removed (Thanks to Atova)

Bug Fixed

  • [Sound] Engine sound was louder from the right side, during cockpit view (Thanks to ‘João Sexo’)
  • [Cargo] Cargo was not removed when the multiplayer client disconnected (Thanks to izkaptts, Kidlettes and FixFote)
  • [Vehicle] Rented vehicle’s rent info was not restored after restart game (Thanks to Mm-H-Yzj and AZYKLE)
  • [Vehicle] SRT’s not-working-skin templates are removed (Thanks to AZYKLE)
  • [Vehicle] Large tanker’s left side blinker didn’t work (Thanks to cycleboxer)
  • [Bus] Restarting game makes next bus stop to be nearest one, instead of last stop of the previous game
  • [Taxi] Urgent timer reset when rejoining multiplayer game (Thanks to Brina)
  • [Multiplayer] Horn network sync is improved
  • [Localization] Container delivery message was localized by the host’s language (Thanks to Altair91 and AZYKLE)
  • [Crash] Windows crash when the internet is not available (Thanks to pmcoz)
  • [Rendering] Semi’s side mirror disappeared in chase view (Thanks to AZYKLE and BuhMann)
  • [World] Pillar of gas station didn’t have collision (Thanks to Velns)
  • [World] Dock door at the harbor didn’t have a collision (Thanks to AZYKLE)


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