Moonstone System Arrives On AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Posted on by Ryan

Nexon have released a new massive update for their mobile MMO game AxE: Alliance vs Empire.

Some of the new features include the following:

  • Moonstone System – In this all-new in-game addition, players can obtain Moonstones from the Area 4 “Ahl Pazo Spirit Forest” to the Area 11 “Adventus” by slaying monsters. There are four tiers of Moonstones, each with their own levels of power and rarity
  • Seeker Book Mission Log – All new and returning players will receive their own Seeker Book packed with challenges. Every completed mission earns players with special in-game rewards
  • Increased Artifact Powers – The maximum level cap for every Gem in the ‘deisha’s Sacrifice, Aegis of Samrave, Tyr’s Renewal and Shedim’s Favor Artificats have been raised
  • New Wings – The powerful Mechanica Wings are now available, boasting a maximum level of 60 and Passive Skill of two-second invincibility when HP drops below 15% (cooldown time set at 100 seconds)
  • Stylish Costumes – The Dark Nobility character outfit set is now available for customization
  • Seasonal Event – To help celebrate today’s content update, players are invited to collect corals during the Deep Sea Event for exclusive rewards.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is available on Android and iOS.