Monster Hunter XX Announced

Posted on by Ryan


Capcom announced during the Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct today they are developing a sequel to Monster Hunter Generations known as Monster Hunter XX. Monster Hunter XX will features six new elements. These include the following..

  • New Hunting Styles – The “Brave Style” hunting style (continuous attacks, powerful link attacks and quick evasions) and the “??? Style” (details to be announced in the future).
  • New Hunting Techniques – New “Hunting Techniques” have been added to all 14 weapon types. Details will be announced in the future.
  • Prowler Mode Actions Enhanced – Prowler Mode actions have been enhanced. Felynes can now evade by a hair, as well as do a trample jump.
  • New Fields – New fields have been added, such as “Igun Peak.” This is a location very high in the mountains, where there’s a cave, waterfall, and historic ruins. There are other new fields, too, such as a desert.
  • New Base – The “Ryuushiki Ship” appears as a base that has all the elements of both a village and a ship. You can also take on G-rank quests from here.
  • New Main Monsters – The new main monsters in Monster Hunter XX are “Ouma Diablos” and “Balfark.” The former is a dangerous monster with large, parting horns, while the latter is a silver-winged monster whose wings can change form.

You can also view the premiere trailer down below..

Monster Hunter XX will release in Japan on March 18.