Mobile Strike Ad Banned For Objectifying Women

Posted on by Ryan


The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority have banned an ad for the popular mobile game Mobile Strike. The ASA ruled the ad to objectifying women. The ad below, which was uploaded last year, was the one banned. The ASA received one complaint and when the ASA was asked to explain they said  “The complainant challenged whether the ad was offensive, because they believed it objectified women.”


The ASA upheld the ruling on the ad and stated the following…

“For example, in one scene, a woman wearing a thong bikini was seen walking towards a sun lounger and the camera angle was taken from below and behind so that as she walked into the scene, only her legs and her thong bikini bottoms were in view. We noted that another scene featuring one of the women wearing a swimsuit was shot in slow motion, and the emphasis was on her body rather than the mobile game app she was playing. One of the camera angles was shot side-on which highlighted her waist and chest. As she approached the camera, she flicked her hair back, stopped and looked seductively into the camera.”