Minecraft World Record Broken

Posted on by Ryan

Minecraft, a game that honestly needs no introduction at all. It also shouldn’t surprise you that people speedrun the game in many ways. So lets get down to it.

A Canadian gamer who goes by the name AlphaCreeps broke the world record under the Any% Set Seed Glitchless category in version 1.6.4 of Minecraft. Alpha did it with a time of 8 minutes 31 seconds 920 milliseconds. This beats the previous record held by fellow Canadian Funderful1000 and his time of 9 minutes 18 seconds 920 milliseconds.

For those interested in joining the speedrunning community for this category, these are the rules…

“Any seed can be used. Can be played on any difficulty that is not peaceful. Glitches (e.g. duping items) are banned. The run must be completed single-segment (no Save & Quit). Timing starts on first input and ends when triggering the End Poem. This category is ranked by Time Attack timing.”