Mighty Final Fight NES Prototype Surfaces

Posted on by Ryan


Capcom released a little game for arcades back in 1989 simply titled Final Fight. In 1993 a parody of the game was released on the NES titled Mighty Final Fight and featured “chibi” versions of the characters. It’s also a major influence in video games,specifically in the fighting genre. Some of the characters in Final Fight went on to be featured in another famous franchise known as Street Fighter.

A Mighty Final Fight NES prototype has surfaced on eBay and is up for sale by the user steem69. The cartridge has a date on the EPROM as 9/7/93 and is on a NES-TKEPROM-02-PCB. Steem did note that one of the only differences he noticed compared to the final version was some text differences during the intro.

The current asking price is $1,999.