Microsoft Unveils Project Scorpio Page

Posted on by Dale


Last E3 Microsoft introduced the world to their next console and the community has since been craving more details. Today the Microsoft Store went live with a listing for Project Scorpio to be released this Holiday Season. As you remember from the release video that Microsoft showcased last E3, this console is dubbed the most powerful gaming console ever. With six teraflops of GPU processing power and the ability to have true 4K gaming and 320GB/s memory bandwidth the console is promising.Many developers and gamers are excited about this upcoming console.

Xbox also announced that this console will not leave the Xbox One in the past by letting the Xbox One games be compatible with Project Scorpio along with accessories. No word on the extent of accessories that will be carried over but hopefully E3 2017 can clear that up. The listing that went live is here. This page allowes you to sign up for an alert as to when this product is availible for Pre-Order.