Microsoft Responds To Criticism Regarding Lack Of Exclusives

Posted on by Ryan


Microsoft have received criticism for their lack of exclusives on Xbox One as every game is either a console launch exclusive or also available on Windows 10. This has led Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg to respond to these criticisms in an interview with GamerTagRadio. Greenberg stated..


“We felt like we showed a lot of great AAA games. It’s tough because if you show too many AAA games, people are gonna be like ‘oh man, all you’re showing us are big blockbusters, we want to see more variety and diversity’. We just showed everything. But with that said, largely what we showed was games that are going to launch between now and E3 next year.”

“Take our first party stuff. Forza will be out, Crackdown will be out, Sea of Thieves, Super Lucky’s Tale, State of Decay 2, all will be launching before E3 next year. So we showed you big blockbuster exclusives that you will be able to play over the next year, in addition to Assassin’s Creed this holiday, in addition to a great variety of all those great indie titles that are coming out- like Cuphead. And that’s an exclusive.”