Microsoft Exec Says Why You Should Buy A Xbox One X Over PS4 Pro

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with EPNdotTV, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg was asked why the average customer should pick up the Xbox One X over the Playstation 4 Pro. Greenberg stated..

“Well, I’d say if you want true 4K gaming, it requires 6TFLOPs of power, we have 43% more graphical power, over 60% more memory we make available to developers, but the most important thing is, whether you’re a hockey fan, a racing fan, an RPG fan, whatever game you want to play, it will look and play better on the Xbox One X, because we bring significantly more power to the table.”
Only time will tell if the consumer is willing to spend the $500 the Xbox One X will have when it releases on November 7.