Microsoft Comments On Xbox One Resolution Issues

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with GameSpot, Xbox One Global Marketing head Aaron Greensberg commented on one of the most talked about debates in gaming today. That of course are the resolutions of the Xbox One compared to the Playstation 4. Greensberg noted that the resolution differences have gotten a lot better compared to launch and that the quality of the games themselves matter. Stating…

“We’re seeing fantastic performance from developers on the hardware side. I think even some of the choices that we’re making from the first-party side with performance optimizations [Halo 5 locking at 60FPS] Really deliver smooth, high-quality visual gameplay and experiences. Every year, more innovation is happening and people are unlocking more power from the box. For us, performance is definitely not the issue; what we’re seeing is games continue to look and play and get better, which I think is a good thing. It’s not just about the specs of the title, but also about the quality of the games. So we want to be the platform that has the best-quality games; that is what gamers are looking for when they’re deciding what console do they buy or when do they migrate to the Xbox One.”