Merchoid Releasing Batman: Arkham Knight 3D Batarang Light Replica

Posted on by Ryan


Merchoid have announced they will be selling a 3D light modeled after the Batarang used in Batman: Arkham Knight. The 3D light is designed to make it look as though the Batarang  has been thrown into the wall, with a specially designed ‘crack’ sticker that sticks to the wall underneath the light. The light will last up to 48 hours with the supplied AA batteries included in it.

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams had this to say regarding the batarang…

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams says “We’re huge fans of the Batman game, so we’re really excited about this. The Batarang light really looks great, either on or off. It’s an ideal night light for kids or the perfect addition to your man cave…or Bat cave!”

The light will cost $49.99 according the the press release, but is currently listed on their site for $44.99.