Mario Kart 64 World Record Broken

Posted on by Ryan


Ah yes Mario Kart 64. Who doesn’t remember popping that cartridge into their Nintendo 64 and hearing “Welcome To Mario Kart” every time you entered the main screen. We all did our absolute best and even when we would skip parts of the level the AI would somehow always catch up to us by the end of the race. Even speedrunners experience the same frustrations, but there is some good to come out of it today.

Abney317 out of the United States set a new World Record for Mario Kart 64 under the All Cups (No Skips) category. Abney did it with an impressive time of 38 minutes 45 seconds. This beat the previous world record held by dotman1337 by a mere 4 seconds. Abney317 now hold the World Record times in 5 of the 6 different categories.