Manticore: Galaxy on Fire Gameplay Trailer

Posted on by Ryan


Deep Silver have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming sci-fi action game Manticore: Galaxy on Fire.

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire releases on March 22 exclusively for Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop. You can view an overview of the game and the new gameplay trailer down below…

The game is set in the Neox Sector of the Galaxy where the player is recruited as a pilot by the mercenary carrier Manticore. The crew of the Manticore is investigating an intergalactic conspiracy behind a cataclysmic event known as “The Shattering” that has caused much suffering in the Sector. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in balance, the player faces off against vicious space pirates, rival mercenary outfits and cut-throat mining companies to bring the culprits to justice. Throughout the story-based campaign, the player flies unique space ships, fights deadly enemies and faces over 30 bosses in a handcrafted game world with more than 35 unique locations.