Major Nelson Says HoloLens Will Not Be A “Gaming-First Device”

Posted on by Ryan


Many were impress with Microsoft’s HoloLens after it was shown off to everyone at this year’s Microsoft Press Conference at E3. While many have wondered what this could mean to the world of gaming, Xbox’s Major Nelson recently revealed during an interview with GeekWire that the HoloLens will not be involved with gaming at the start. Stating..

“HoloLens is not going to be a gaming-first device, that’s not what they designed it for. Eventually we will and I’ve played some amazing games on it, but right now [the HoloLens team] is focused on shipping a great product and making sure it’s going to hit all of the right notes.”

Major Nelson also spoke about the massive UI makeover with the launch of the New Xbox One Experience and how they learned from gamers. Saying..

“With the new Xbox One Experience, we looked at all of the data and how the users have been using the console over the years. We certainly did a lot of research, but once you ship a product, you learn a ton about how the fans are using it. We saw what we needed to make things faster, we need to put these things over here, so it was an evolution of how our customers are using it. That’s kind of a thread that goes through the entire organization of Xbox.”