Mafia 3’s Lincoln To Receive Police Reponse For Being In White-Only Places

Posted on by Ryan


In Mafia 3, you will play as a biracial orphan and Vietnam vetran named Lincoln Clay who will be attempting to get revenge on the Italian mob by conquering New Orleans.

During a recent interview with IGN, Hanger 13 Head and Creative Director Haden Blackman revealed that Lincoln could receive a police reponse for being in white-only places. Blackman stated..

The behaviour of pedestrians and NPCs – certainly not everywhere throughout the game, but in large sections of it – there are places where if Lincoln looks out of place and seems out of place, people will react to that. There are places you can go that just being there is an offence and will elicit a police response. We aren’t so naïve to think that a single game could cure racism, but if we can get the player to think, ‘Why am I being treated differently here than in other parts of town?’ then I think we’ve done something worthwhile.