Lost Special Tee Shot SNES Prototype Discovered

Posted on by Ryan
Photo Credit: Trevor McAleese

Another piece of lost video game history has been rediscovered as game developer Trevor McAleese discovered a prototype of an unreleased Super Nintendo game titled Special Tee Shot at a pawn shop.

The game was in development by Nintendo and HAL Laboratories and was originally meant to be its own game. However, due to the wild success of Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992, it was rethemed to take advantage of Kirby’s momentum. Despite the game being extremely close to being released, it was rethemed and released as Kirby’s Dream Course in 1994.

If you are interested in downloading the actual ROM it can be downloaded here. We also highly recommend taking a look at the actual article to learn a detailed history of the game and what followed.

You can listen to the entire soundtrack down below: