Lock’s Quest Rated In Germany

Posted on by Ryan


It appears that Lock’s Quest might be seeing a re-release as the German USK have rated the game on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4. Lock’s Quest was originally release back in 2008 on Nintendo DS and was developed by 5th Cell, the creators of Scribblenauts. THQ Noridc, the company who originally published the game, have not commented on the matter.

You can view an overview of Lock’s Quest down below..

The Ultimate Construction Combat!

A diabolical mechanical army devastates a kingdom as village after village falls under their wrath. Only a young, brave hero, Lock, is the Kingdom’s last hope to survive the oncoming invasion. As a newly trained Archineer, Lock must utilize his skills to build customized towers, traps, walls, weapons, and other defenses in order preserve the precious source artifacts.

  • Build and battle in 100 different areas with varying terrains on the map.
  • Two modes of play: Building Mode & Battle Mode.
  • In the Battle Mode, use the stylus to battle robotic invaders and launch special attacks moves to quickly eliminate enemies.
  • Multiplayer – Play with friends and battle against other kingdoms via Wi-Fi.