Letters of Marque Gets Renamed

Posted on by Ryan


Awhile back we brought you an interview with Wolf Pack Games discussing a game they are currently developing named Letters of Marque. However, Captain Murphy (as he prefers to go by) announced several changes to the game with the biggest one being that the title of the game has been changed. The new title is Tides of War: Letters of Marque. When asked why the name change, Captain Murphy released this statement…

“There are several factors that led to this. First, after several tests we found that the word “marque” was hard to convey correctly. Most testing showed that people tried to search for ‘mark’, ‘marc’, or even ‘marquee’. Second, we had set the name Letters of Marque as something of a working title and really just never got around to getting a new name since we were rather busy with mechanics and art. Third, we want to grow the game series beyond a single game with a theme that binds several games together, and the current title was not good for that. Fourth, we wanted to do the name change before we reached anything close to an alpha stage where the name would be associated with the product from that point on. After quite a few meetings we voted through many names and finally settled on Tides of War as the major series title and Letters of Marque as the subtitle for the first project that is currently underway.”