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Legend Bowl Receives Fourth Newcomer Patch

Super Pixel Games have released the fourth newcomer patch for their retro-bit inspired football game Legend Bowl. This update fixes several issues that arose after the launch of the previous newcomer patch.

Legend Bowl is available for PC via Steam. You can view the full patch notes down below:

  • Fixed rare crash during a block.
  • Fixed 2 minute warning happening at the 1 minute mark when 2 minute warning hit during a live play.
  • Fixed issue where play would extend after whistle blown and play called dead.
  • Two new football styles added to the game.
  • Push back defender animation speed increased.
  • Fixed issue where drive summary stats would not reset on an onside conversion attempt.
  • Attempt to fix issue where clock doesn’t stop after turnover on downs.
  • Fixed issue where offsides would get called when play stops for two minute warning or timeout and players cross the line of scrimmage.
  • Bottom scoreboard ticker deactivating speed increased after hike to get out of the player’s view.
  • Player stats that accumulated prior to a turnover, now get recorded.
  • Fixed issue where play would extend allowing tackles after whistle is blown.
  • Refined menu controls when playing 2 player so the player in control of the menu is the one that paused the game or whatever action first.
  • Players down pick up ball without the need of bending down to grab the ball.
  • Moved the “Audible” text up a little bit to not be so close to the bottom ticker.
  • Blimp sound volume increased and fades in and out based on location and height in sky.
  • Notification hint in top-left corner location now moves better with UI.
  • Timeout calls can now be done quicker vs waiting for referee to pickup ball.
  • Interceptions got a slight bump up as we still aren’t seeing many.
  • AI controlled team will hold hike and run out clock if 4th down and within field goal range before halftime or end of game.
  • Gunners, Racers, Storm, and Liberty logos all refined and cleaned up.
  • Fixed issue where rushing leaders were showing based solely on fantasy points which brought in other positions like QB’s who would have low rushing yards but be sorted high because of their passing fantasy points.
  • Return leaders in stats ticker improved to show top kick and punt return yard players now.


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