Kazya Niinou Leaves Square Enix

Posted on by Ryan

Yet another major name has left Square Enix as Kazya Niinou, director of the Dragon Quest Builders, revealed that he has left the company now that Dragon Quest Builders 2 has finished development.

Niinou said:

“An announcement. With development on Builders 2 completed, I have left Square Enix. To Naoki Yoshida, Noriyoshi Fujimoto, Takuma Shiraishi, all of my colleagues, and everyone who enjoyed the games I made, thank you so much! I truly appreciate your support.”

“I have been at Square Enix for about seven years now (my longest yet!). I felt a little burned out with Builders 2 and wanted to try out a development cycle different from Square Enix, so I set out for a new development environment.”