John Ramero’s Kickstarter For Blackroom Launched

Posted on by Ryan


John Ramero and Adrian Carmack have officially launched their Kickstarter campaign for their first-person shooting game Blackroom. The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise $700,000 and as of publishing has raised $90,000 with 31 days to go.

The game is being described as a “action-packed first-person shooter set in a holographic simulation gone rogue” that is scheduled for release some time in the Winter of 2018 for PC.

Below is a full rundown of the game from their Kickstarter…

John Romero and fellow id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack proudly announce Blackroom, a visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play with a mixture of exploration, speed, and intense, weaponized combat. Use fast, skillful movement to dodge enemy attacks, circle-strafe your foes, and rule the air as you rocket jump in the single- and multiplayer modes. Blackroom launches with unique multiplayer maps and robust modding support for the community to make diabolical creations of their own design – Coming Winter 2018 to PC!

  • Platform – PC (DRM Free + Steam) and Mac
  • Release Date – Winter 2018
  • Genre – FPS
  • Single-Player Campaign – 10 Hours, Leaderboard Challenge Modes
  • Multiplayer – Co-op, 1-on-1 Deathmatch, Arena
  • Multiplayer Maps – 6 Built In + Community Maps
  • Fully Moddable, Run Dedicated Servers, Create Maps
  • New Soundtrack by acclaimed metal guitarist George Lynch