Jer Leaves Second Wind

Posted on by Ryan

After just 5 days with the organization, Second Wind coach Jeremy Jer Santacruz has announced he is leaving the team. Jer said that he does not have the same passion for Overwatch as a coach compared to being a player.

Jer said in a TwitLonger:

I have decided to depart ways from Second Wind, I want to thank everyone on Second Wind especially Justin for giving me the opportunity to try my hand at coaching. When i asked Justin if i could try coaching for his team, he immediately said yes without any doubt. They all welcomed me with open arms and I want everyone on Second Wind to know, I am not leaving because of you. I am leaving because I currently do not have the same passion as I do as a player and I did not want to continue coaching without me 100% devoted to it and not giving my all. I will continue looking for a team as a player, I still have the passion, drive and willingness to learn. So for this season, at least, i will be taking a break and will continue to play Overwatch and study VoDs. Thank you to all those who believe in me, I won’t let you down.