Isamu Kamikokuryo Leaves Square Enix

Posted on by Ryan


Isamu Kamikokuryo announced via Twitter that he is leaving Square Enix. Kamikokuryo tweeted..

“Yesterday, March 31, I resigned from Square Enix. It’s been a little over 18 years since I joined the company in 1999. It was a wonderful experience, from when I started with doing concept art for Final Fantasy X up until Final Fantasy XV. I am fully grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to meet with so many people and demonstrate my talents.

I have a feeling of painful reluctance, but I would like to face drawing something new from here on. In the future, I would like to revive my writing activity while doing freelance art and diction work. To the staff and fans who supported my drawings for such a long time, thank you very much.”

Kamikokuryo worked as the Art Director for the Final Fantasy games. Some of his credits include Final Fantasy XI, XII, XIII, XV, and The 3rd Birthday.