Ion Cancelled

Posted on by Ryan


Eurogamer has confirmed that the space station-set MMO Ion has been cancelled. The game was meant to be a Microsoft exclusive and was being developed by DayZ Creator Dean Hall’s studio RocketWerkz and Improbable.

You can view Improbable’s statement down below..

“Ion was initially conceived as a project for co-development between Improbable and RocketWerkz. A lot has changed since then. Dean Hall moved back to New Zealand from London, RocketWerkz has started work on a number of other games, and we have grown increasingly into a platform for games to be deployed on [cloud-based development solution, SpatialOS].

“We can definitely say that Improbable is not currently working on Ion. However, we have not previously commented on and cannot now comment on RocketWerkz’ current or future plans.”

Dean Hall also released a statement on behalf of RocketWerkz.

“We’re not actively working on Ion, no. I am not involved in that, no. Nor is RocketWerkz studio in New Zealand. When I look at Ion, Ion could only happen with a company like Improbable, with the scale of technology like that, and that’s not a game we could do alone.”