Interview: Todd Haberkorn Talks Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Initial D, And Voice Acting

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While attending Dallas Fan Expo 2017, we sat down with Todd Haberkorn and talked Initial D, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and everything voice acting.

Gaming Conviction: How did you get into voice acting?
Todd Haberkorn: It was something that found me. I was an actor on stage and in film already and then it kinda presented itself to me, so I went with it. I had no idea where it would go. I was just happy for the opportunity, and here we are.

GCWho are some of your inspirations in the voice acting world?
TH: It’s the greats that everyone loves. Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Billy West. There’s just so many talented people that there’s just to many to name.

GCWas there something early on that clicked where you realized that you could do this for a living?
TH: After my first leading role. It was the second role I got. I had to make a choice. I was getting so busy that I either stay doing what I was doing or choose voice acting, and I couldn’t do both. I knew it in my heart and I took the gamble.


GCWhat was your experience like voicing Keisuke Takahashi in Initial D?
TH: I learned a lot about cars, then I forgot it all. I actually want to get a new 86 since Toyota is making a new one. I was just like “Ah! I want to get one of those!”

GCWhat do you think about Shuuichi Shigeno’s possibility of making an Inital D spin-off centered around Rallycross?
TH: I’m so in! If they make me look good in the show I’m in! As long as I get good hair in it.

GCWhat was it like doing the voice of Luche Lazarus in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV?
TH: Oh god, it was awesome! First to be apart of the Final Fantasy series again and to see how beautiful the CG was. The movie looks amazing, and the imagination behind it. They’re always really good at their fight scenes and are very well choreographed. It was really cool to see that and be apart of it. It’s an honor to join the ranks of something so epic.


GCSince you’ve had experience doing the voice of Android 19 and are also doing the voice of Jaco. What were your first impressions when you first heard about Jaco?
TH: I trust Chris Sabat. Sabat was the one who told me about it. I trust his judgement so I let him take the wheel and drive. I knew he would steer me where I needed to go. It’s cool to play such an odd character and an already odd show.

GCHave you ever done voiceover work for a videogame or anime that was ultimately cancelled before release?
TH: Oh yeah! I mean, I did do Sgt. Frog which came out, but got cancelled. We did 85 episodes and were just like “Meh! Nope! Done!”

There was another project that I know got cancelled before it was released, but unfortunately I don’t remember what it was called.

GCWhat advice would you give to someone looking to get into voice acting?
TH: Just get as much acting experience as you can. You may discover that you like other aspects of the industry, or click with other types of acting.

GCWhat turned you onto Magic: The Gathering?
TH: My buddies at Funimation got me into it. I tried it out and I got really into it for a year, but then it got overwhelming. I just couldn’t keep up with all the new sets and just feel behind. It’s kinda like when you don’t play Overwatch for a while and you try to jump right back in.

GC: When you’re going through your daily routine, does one of your thoughts come out as one of your characters?
TH: Sometimes as Death the Kid from Soul Eater. Other than that it’s just my craziness.

GC: Have you ever cosplayed as one of your characters to see if anyone recognized you?
TH: I cosplayed as Ling Yao when we announced Fullmetal Alchemist. I’ve also cosplayed as Alan Walker, Batman, and Superman. With Batman nobody would recognize me, but I would go and mess with people who knew me. That was really fun.

GC: Have you ever scared or pulled pranks on people in any of your weird voices?
TH: I use to call my roommate’s mother as him and have 5-10 minutes conversations, and she never knew.

GC: Do you ever go back and look at some of the faces you’ve made while doing voices for characters?
TH: Luckily for me there is no footage of me recording.