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Interview: Hand of Fate 2

This year at PAX South, we had an opportunity to speak with Defiant Development’s Kim Allum about their upcoming game, Hand of Fate 2.

Gaming ConvictionWho are some of the companions within the game?
Kim Allum: So we have three companions. We’re about to announce another soon. The first one is Malaclypse. He is a magical bard that gives you a shield in combat and allows you to re-spin in a mini-game called the Wheel of Fate. The second companion is Colbjorn. He is a northerner He’s one of the enemy monsters, but has decided to leave his clan and he’s got huge melee swords and can help you with the dice mini-games. The third and most recent companion is Astrella. She’s got an eye patch, but she is also a gunslinger who helps you out with the pendulum mini-games.

GCWhat are some of the differences we will see compared to the original game?
KA: The first game was all about 12 bosses, this one will have about 22 challengers now. Hand of Fate 2 is about having specific objectives satisfied so you can progress through the game.

GC: Will the story be easy to jump into for those who may not have played the first game?
KA: Absolutely! We haven’t been to shy about telling people the first game is about defeating the dealer cause you fight him as a boss battle in the first game. You send him into a limbo state and has found a way to come back into the universe, but a lot weaker now. So the story of Hand of Fate 2 is about his revenge and training a new hero to kill Callis, the playable character in the first game.

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GCWill Hand of Fate 2 be linear or more open?
KA: So in Hand of Fate 2 each challenge has its own storyline in a way that there are certain environmental issues happening. One of the challenges we played today was that the empire is having a food shortage, so you have to find as much food as possible to feed the villagers. Each challenge kinda gives a glimpse into what the Hand of Fate world is about.

GCHow has the feedback you have received from other events affected development?
KA: We’re very much into listening to our community. We have a very strong two-way communication with our Steam forums and our Kickstarter. What we do is take feedback that is feasible and easy to manage and try and we’ll apply it and see how it goes into demos.

GCWhat kind of emotion do you hope players experience while playing Hand of Fate 2?
KA: A sense of pride being able to tackle the combat. Also because you’re playing a heroine who is very empowering. So empowering is also another thing.


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