Interview: David Flook Talks One Finger Death Punch 2

Posted on by Kara

To say that the original One Finger Death Punch game was a success would be a huge understatement. When it originally released back in 2013 on the Xbox 360, it quickly became a just have for any Xbox 360 owner. Since then the game has been ported over to iOS, Android, and PC and currently has just shy of 11,000 reviews on Steam alone. Now Silver Dollar Games plans on releasing a sequel on April 15, 2019.

While attending PAX East 2019, we sat down with programmer David Flook to discuss what is new to the sequel and how the massive success of its predecessor has had an effect on its development.

Kara: Do you feel like the overwhelming success of One Finger Death Punch has put more pressure on the development team for its sequel?
David Flook: Absolutely!

Kara: What kind of feedback have you received from the demo. How has it affected development?
DF: So far it has been lots of positive feedback. Mostly, we’ve tried tweaking things here and there to make the overall experience the best it can be.

Kara: What kind of tweaks? How would you do some of them?
DF: A lot of them have to do with tutorial. Particularly those who are learning to play the game. That is very important in this game. Also balancing the difficulty is very important.

Kara: Are people picking it up more quickly now that adjustments have been made?
DF: They are now! When we first started it was much of a slow process because this type of game is new to people and there are still lots of people who have never played it before.

Kara: What are some of the new game modes added to OFDP2?
DF: We’ve added a new co-op mode and have made improvements to the Survival Mode. It’s much better than before!

Kara: Is there a hidden reward for those who complete all 640 levels?
DF: Of course! There are actually lots of hidden rewards throughout the game.

Kara: How friendly will the game be to those who might purchase the game without playing the original?
DF: It’s very friendly. Luckily for them there is no kind of story connection. One of the things we actually did for this was to attempt to get people who have never even played video games before to play it which is a huge challenge.