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Interview: Bishop Games Talks Light Fall

Light Fall is one of the most beautiful games we have ever seen and with the slogan “Escape the Light, Embrace the Night” it’s very easy to see why. So when we found out that Light Fall developers Bishop Games were attending PAX South, we just had to find them and learn more information about the game.

We spoke with Ben Archer, the Co-Founder and Head of Public Relations for Bishop Games to discuss Light Fall, inspirations, art style, and the possibility of a release on Switch.

Gaming Conviction: What inspired Light Fall?
Ben Archer: This first thing we wanted to do was create a mysterious feeling. The first inspiration came from Easter Island. Easter Island is mysterious because nobody knows who exactly built those statues. This place is mysterious and we wanted to create the same felling. So that is why we decided to create Light Fall, and it’s called that for a reason. Obviously you can see with the silhouette style that it’s a world without daylight. It’s always nighttime.

GC: What inspired the art style?
BA: Well we only have one artist. So the silhouette style just fits, and it’s not to time-consuming. It also fits the criteria of a world without daylight. That’s pretty much why we picked the silhouette style.

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GC: How many other ways are you going to integrate that cube into the gameplay?
BA: Honestly, that is the main game mechanic. I don’t know the exact number, but there are over 1,000 ways to use the cube in difficult situations all across the route. You evolve with the cube as you go. So like the first level is just jumping and then we’ll introduce some other mechanics. By the end you have multiple choices every time you face a challenge, and it’s really up to you as a player how you feel and how you play. You can use the cube the way you want to. It’s important to give the player the freedom. We just give them the mechanic to use it however you feel to complete the challenges.

GC: What consoles is Light Fall releasing on?
BA: We’re going to release in July and it will release on Steam for PC and Mac. It will also release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and maybe Switch.

GC: If you do end up releasing the game on Switch will you have to change a lot of the mechanics or do you believe that their controls will work with what you already have?
BA: So far that has been one of our questions, but so far we’ve talked with Nintendo and it doesn’t seem to be an issue. So I don’t expect a Switch port to be that much different from the other versions.

GC: What kind of emotions are you hoping players experience while playing the game?
BA: What we like to do at Bishop Games is to create an immersive universe. Light Fall is a very immersive game with the story. So we want to create games where people can just play and immerse themselves and just forget about their daily troubles for 15-20 hours. It’s important that people just enjoy their time. It’s a mysterious feeling, but it’s also an imaginary world. Just leave the routine at home and just dive into Light Fall.


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