Immortals Acquires Infinite Esports & Entertainment

Posted on by Ryan

Immortals Gaming Club have officially announced they have acquired Infinite Esports & Entertainment.

This acquisition is the largest in esports history as Infinite Esports is valued at $100 million as they own the Houston Outlaws and one of the most recognized brands in esports history, OpTic Gaming. Meaning that Immortals now own MIBR, Los Angeles Valiant, OpTic Gaming, and their own Immortals brand.

While the future for some is uncertain, we do know that both the Houston Outlaws and OpTic’s Danish CS:GO roster will be sold in part due to conflicts in interest. Immortals owned MIBR and the Los Angeles Valiant prior to this acquisition.

Chairman of the IGC board of directors, Peter Levin, did hint that they will likely keep OpTic’s Call of Duty brand and roster. Stating:

“Clearly OpTic is a premier Call of Duty brand. We are excited to work with our partners at Activision Blizzard to ensure that OpTic continues to play that leading role in Call of Duty’s future.”