Humble Bundle Gets Into Publishing

Posted on by Ryan


Humble Bundle have announced they are getting into the video game publishing industry. The company will be publishing  games from different genres, styles, and platforms.

Publishing Lead John Polson released the following statement..

“What publishing allows us to do differently is to help developers prior to release. It also helps us guarantee eager gamers will get to play some awesome games, each affixed with the trusted Humble brand of quality we are known for.”

“In a time when it’s harder than ever for games to find their audience, publishing feels like the next logical step in the services that we can offer to our developer partners.”

The first 7 games they will be published will be..

  • A Hat in Time
    • Release Date 2017 for PC and Mac
  • HackyZack
    • Release Date Spring 2017 for PC, and eventually Xbox One
  • Ikenfell
    • Release Date Summer 2018 for PC and Mac
  • Keyboard Sports
    • Release Date Fall 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux
  • No Truce With the Furies
    • Release Date Fall 2017 for PC
  • Scorn
    • Release Date Q4 2017 for PC
  • Staxel
    •  Release Date Q3 2017 for PC