How Much Space Is Needed For Rare Replay?

Posted on by Ryan

Back at E3 many gamers were excited when it was announced that Microsoft would be releasing a Rare Reply complete with 30 classic games that were developed by Rare. However, it seems that some people turning their smiles upside down after it was revealed just how much space was needed.

According to its listing on the official Xbox website, you will need a minimum of 11.26GB of free space on your Xbox One hard drive. That’s not really a problem for Xbox One owners, but if you plan on owning the game on Xbox 360 you will need a lot more as the Xbox 360 copy will not be on a disc, but digital download only. This means that in order to download all 30 games, you will need at least 50GB of free space on your hard drive while is downloads in separate queues.

Rare Replay will be released on August 4.