How Much Do Developers Make?

Posted on by Ryan

As a gamer, it has probably crossed your mind at one given point in your life to become a game developer. Well if you might be interested, or just want to know what kind of pay to expect, you’ve click on the right article.Gamasutra has posted their results of their annual Game Developer Salary Survey. The study is based on 4,000 developers from Indie studios, to large publishers from audio and design sectors.

According to the report, the average salary for a developer during 2013 in the U.S. is $83,060. This number is actually down 2% from 2012. The largest increase is in Canada, which had an average salary of $71,445. Our friends in Europe remained the same with a average salary of $46,232. Note that these results are from major studios.

As for Indie developers, a non-salary based solo indie game developer earned an average of $11,812. This number was down a big 49% from 2012, the largest decrease of the study. The largest increase is from Indie developers part of an Indie team. Their average salary was $50,833. A whopping 161% increase.