How Many Wii Us Did Nintendo Hope They Would Sell?

Posted on by Ryan


We all know by now that the Wii U is considered a failure in many people’s eyes. While the Wii U hasn’t done near as well as the Wii, it is quite amazing to see just how well Nintendo thought it would do.

In a recent shareholder meeting, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed the company had hoped they would sell 100 million Wii U units. Stating..

“In an internal sales representative meeting, someone projected that we would sell close to 100 million Wii U systems worldwide. The thinking was that because Wii sold well, Wii U would follow suit. I said that, since the Wii had already sold so well, we need to clearly explain the attraction of the Wii U if we are to get beyond that and sell the new system, and that this would be no easy task.”

Kimishima also stated the company faces the same challenge with the impending release of the NX.