How Long Is Ys VIII?

Posted on by Ryan


In this weeks issue of Dengeki Playstation features an interview with h Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo to discuss their upcoming PS Vita title Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Below are tidbits from the interview…

  • Development went on longer than planned, but to that extent Ys VIII will be the most substantial game in the series.
  • We took our ideas from the heart of Celceta, which was received highly favorably.
  • While with the Trails series we decide upon the story from the beginning, with Ys we have ideas as we go along about how to solidify the setting, story, and characters.
  • We wanted to tell the story from the perspective of someone other than Adol, so we came up with the idea of dual protagonists.
  • Laxia is a young noble woman who doesn’t have a good impression of adventurers.
  • Since Dogi was once a party character, this time we wanted to give him the role of chief of the Drifting Village.
  • The game will take about 40 hours to complete if you only do the minimum. With side elements and such, the game will take about 60 hours.
  • 2016 is the series’ 30th anniversary, but we’re aiming to start work on the next game while making the PlayStation 4 version. We’re really busy with the new title, but somehow or another I want to plan an event.
  • We’re thinking about some of the things we want to do for the PlayStation 4 version. The PS Vita version will have a Boss Time Attack feature and loading screen tips added via a day one patch.
  • Even internally we think Ys VIII turned out to be a great game, and even first-time players can enjoy it, so we definitely hope you’ll pick it up.