Houston Outlaws Considering New Logo After School Bans Logo

Posted on by Ryan
Copy of letter school sent to child’s parents sent to Dexerto

According to an article by Dexerto, a 10-year-old was told he could not wear his Houston Outlaws jersey as part of Spirit Week at Berryton Elementary in Kansas as the school said that their logo “promotes violence” or “illegal activities”.

This ordeal has even lead General Manager Matt ‘Flame’ Rodriguez to take to Twitter to reveal that the organization has sent the young fan one of their baseball jerseys and they did consider the logo when the design was being created. They are now even considering making a secondary logo due to this issue. Stating on Twitter:

I do think it’d be cool to do a like secondary Outlaws logo that makes the gun outline less obvious solely for the purpose of merchandising for the younger audience. I’m actually surprised this ‘turn your shirt inside out’ thing has only happened a handful of times. Not sure.