Hitman Update To Add ‘Professional’ Difficulty

Posted on by Ryan


Square Enix have announced they will be releasing a new update to Hitman. The update will add a ‘Professional’ difficulty and will release alongside Hitman: The Complete First Season.

You can view all the details about the Professional difficulty down below..


  • Enhanced AI behavior – Guards are more thorough when searching. Increased guard search radius. NPCs are more perceptive to footsteps, especially when running. Increased guard alertness.
  • Strict item rules – Suspicious / illegal items according to current disguise.
  • Advanced security camera logic – Security cameras can spot illegal activity and guards will be dispatched to investigate. Increased number of security cameras (in logical places).
  • Limited saves – Only one manual save allowed. Auto-saves are disabled.
  • Lethal combat – Clean kills are required to take a disguised. Slower health regeneration.
  • Professional mastery rewards – Professional Challenges and Mastery. Unique unlockable rewards.
  • Each location has been tweaked and altered.
  • Separate leaderboards with a Professional modifier.
  • Fewer disguise pickups.